Integration (language level A1, A2)

Target Group

The civic integration program is a next level after the literacy level and is intended for both compulsory and voluntary integrators, who are educated low, middle or high.

This process is also for every integrator, who wants to improve his language level in order to function better in Dutch society, for example work and education.

In this level a thorough basic knowledge is required, such as being able to speak and understand the writing and speaking basically in Dutch. For the KNM component, the student must have language level A1.

Teaching Target

Regarding speaking, listening, reading and writing parts, the following subjects are discussed. The student learns to apply the grammar rules correctly, such as modal verbs, articles, plural, separable and reflexive verbs, clauses etc.

The student also learns about 700 words and the pronunciation and spelling of different sounds.

The trainee learns to save himself in different practical situations and learns, for example, to introduce himself, to exchange business information, to make a personal conversation and to talk about family, hobbies, living, work, and study, etc.


For the civic integration program, we work at Start met Taal with a recognized teaching method, Taalcompleet, . The teaching method consists of various themes with exercises aimed at practice and includes e-learning, where we use a computer.

Knowledge of the Dutch Society(KNM)

The student learns important subjects concerning living and working in the Netherlands with titles such as living, working, education etc.

The subjects that are addressed are the government, the royal family, public transport, but also topics such as dealing with neighbors and recycling.

Duration of Process

The civic integration program lasts for an average of 12 months.

General Condition: Group Size, Teaching Hoursn

For all levels, the groups are small (with a maximum of 12 students) and are kept homogeneous.

Furthermore, the student will receive three sessions per week, including a half-hour break. A student has nine lessons per week.

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